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Name: Rose

Place: Foothill Place Apartments.
lat:40.7210593 , lon:-111.8169275

Description: Time Traveler, please meet me. I have always wanted to experience incredible things. Sometimes I notice things others don't.. I think so many things are possible that we believe are impossible now. That is why I think Time Travel is possible... it is also why I want to meet you. As far as the location.. Walk to the door that says "2636" (by the street). It is the A building, head for apartment 217, but do not come in. I will meet you. Wear a pink shirt. I will be wearing a red and white shirt with black jeans and sneakers. We can talk elsewhere if you wish. There are security guards, so try not to look too suspicious. They will hassle anyone. I hope you decide to meet me. It is my dream to meet a time traveler.

Meeting date: June 07, 2010 00:15 local time.

Added over 7 years ago

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on Jun 08, 2010 at 06:30

If there was anyone I didn't see them.

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