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Make A Reservation With The Future Now!

You make a booking to meet a time traveller from the future.
This data is then saved here, and then those in the future can arrange to come back and see you.

By default, any reservations you make to meet a time traveller are published the day after they occur.
You can specify the level of "embargo" on your reservation, up to only releasing the information when time travel is actually possible.
You can add as much or as little information to help your case to get a time traveller to come visit.

Some Theories...

To stop the chance of paradoxes, those in the future can only come back to the past if they had already been here - that is, if you have set up a meeting with one before it occurs.
The reservation must survive into the future.
Time travellers could only be bound to ask you questions - like an anthropologist or historian; you may not be able to ask them any questions. Or perhaps you have to prove that you are good at keeping secrets. Information about the future may change the future, or maybe not. Have fun!
By giving a time traveller permission to visit you, they would not break any ethical rules that may be in place.

If you make a reservation and do not get visited, then one or more factors may be at work:
If you had a successful meeting:

Seriously, what on earth?

It's a great inspirational idea.
You may get to meet people from the future.
It can help promote research into time travel.
Inspired by one of the first websites I ever saw Instructions for Meeting Time Travellers" by Bebe Williams.
These folks even had a Time Travel Convention in 2005
Background information: Time Travel page on wikipedia.


Donations go towards the site, and any extra will be invested in a fund to help increase the likelihood of time travel. Initially as a prize (similar to the X Prize for space travel), but if we get enough, we envisage to be able to give grants to researchers.

Make A Reservation With The Future Now!