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Meet Time Travellers!

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123 Number of total reservations with a time traveller booked.
26 Number of reservations only published when research into time travel begins, or time travel becomes actually feasible.
1 Number of reservations to be published on this site, but currently under embargo.

Make A Reservation With The Future Now!

What is this all about?

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You make a booking to meet a time traveller from the future.
This data is then saved here, and then those in the future can arrange to come back and see you.

By default, any reservations you make to meet a time traveller are published the day after they occur.
You can specify the level of "embargo" on your reservation, up to only releasing the information when time travel is actually possible.
You can add as much or as little information to help your case to get a time traveller to come visit.
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Donations go towards the site, and any extra will be invested in a fund to help increase the likelihood of time travel.

Make A Reservation With The Future Now!